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Primary Features of Hot Air Stenter

Posted By hot stenter     February 11, 2019    


Zhejiang Licheng focuses on design, R&D and manufacturing a series of printing and dyeing machines, such as Hot Air Stenter , Flat Screen Printing Machine, and rotary screen printing machine. We provide superior services and high quality products at a favorable price for our customers.

All of our Hot Air Stenter Machine works with high quality features like Automatic chain lubrication system, bow straightening system device and many more. Hot Air Stenter Machine we provide has premium quality. Hot Air Stenter Machine with high-quality equipment meets international standard.

Here are some primary features of our hot air stenter.

l Unique air flow system with individual blower for top bottom jet boxes four blowers chamber

l Air Flow Controlled electronically, no mechanical dampers.

l High efficient drying zone gives higher production at lower operating costs (up to 30% power savings)

l Working width available from 1800 cm. to 3600 cm. with complete automation

l Suitable for cotton, wool, linen filament, silk, knitted or woven fabrics

l It has wide heat source such as hot oil, gas (city gas, natural gas, water gas, liquefied petroleum gas), steam and electricity.

l The machine is convenient to be operated with the left or right hand

l With an adjustable speed from 10m/min to 110m/min

Safety rules of mechanical equipment have to be mastered by the staff working on mechanical equipment in order to reduce accidents. For instance, gas lighters should pass professional safety training before ignition. Only possessing the certificate can they igniting. Others who aren’t skilled or without a license may not light a fire. When someone enters into the drying room, the gas must be turned off completely and the air should be exhausted. Personnel should be guarded in the drying room to prevent gas poisoning or explosion accidents. The gas-fired furnace should be equipped with a flame monitor and automatic alarm device for flame-out. In particular, we must have an electrical safety interlock that can exhaust air before ignition.