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Get PoE Currency Fast using this jimople strategy

Posted By Garfield Langden     February 10, 2020    


If you are at this level of wealth, you may be doing well for yourself and already know what to do to make money. So please skip this section at any time.

Magic whirlwind helmet + original / jagged fossil production

You may even pay ten ex's for this, but you will be responsible for the consequences. The reason why we suggest you make an initial investment of 30 + ex is that due to the extremely RNG nature of the fossil process, it is easy to burn all your Poe coins without any significant results.

Buying 100 pieces of fossil and vibrator in batch can save time. Put on your first helmet until you see "well, but it's OK.". Then move to the second helmet. If you hit another OK, move to the third helmet and hit the other OK. Only in this way can you go back to the first position and shoot up, OK? Good things are even surprising.

Because RNG is a very important factor, it is very important to carefully make and sell products that can keep you alive. When you come across something big from time to time, real profits come. Don't be too strict. Sell what you can buy, or you'll run out of money in a few minutes.

The problem with fossil production is that a large part of your net worth is tied to fossils and helmets. Therefore, you will want to sell the product cheaply and quickly. Clear your mask as soon as possible to reinvest money in the next batch of production materials. You don't have to buy Poe currency, and you get sick all the time.

If you encounter this situation, please stop and sell. This is the basic requirement for the production of cyclone helmets from sellable fossils:

-+9% physical damage

-90 + maximum life

-Empty prefix - process + 1 range
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Perfect craftsmanship looks like this, which you will rarely see.

-+9% physical damage

-Maximum life 110+

-+2-3% of maximum life

->40 int or level 1 resolution

-Empty prefix - process + 1 range

-Empty suffix - technological aspects of cat

A dozen of these things, sold for 38ex, cost me 10 times the orb I adore. But keep in mind that good crafts are outliers, weirdness, exceptions, not norms. Always expect shit, and you can avoid trouble.

Every Poe player in the game needs Poe currency because it can be used to exchange weapons in the game. The more orbs you have, the better the equipment. You can exchange Poe currency. It could have come from a monster. The level of Poe currency may also depend on the issuance of receipts. It's just as rare as worshipping orbs and chaos orbs , but most of them are precious.

However, if the player doesn't have much time to wait for the monster to come down and buy a computer, then I think you can consider buying it in a reliable market, and your actual location is free to choose Poe currency. I think you can try to buy at VHPG . The website has a professional service team, with excellent product quality and fast delivery. Many websites are not secure. In addition to their website, they can help you solve problems. His / her website is officially certified to serve customers with purchasing experience. Currently, each customer will receive a 5% discount on each order made on their website.