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Madden 20 Review: Best performance and easy mut coins

Posted By Garfield Langden     March 10, 2020    


EA Sports just released Madden nfl20. Madden is available in the form of Madden mobile on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and IOS. Madden NFL 20 is rated e by all ages. The cover player is Patrick mahomes, quarterback of the Kansas chiefs.

It's the 20th game in the Madden series and I think it's the best game to date. The Madden NFL 20 has next-generation graphics capabilities, so players can really immerse themselves in the game. The game also uses the frost bite engine to run smoothly without delays. EA has also introduced new animations for hard defense tackle and breakthrough attack tackle.

EA Sports has added new modes to the game, such as superstar Ko mode, where you can play celebrities such as DJ Khaled or lil Yachty. Players can also build their own professional model, known as the face of franchising. In this game mode, you will play as a quarterback, starting from college to the senior year of NFL as a quarterback. Madden NFL 20 keeps its own way and has its original game mode, such as Madden ultimate team (MUT), in which you can challenge to build the best team; while in French mode, you can choose your favorite team and try to win the super bowl.

I highly recommend NFL Madden 20. This is an excellent game, with vivid graphics and smooth game experience, suitable for any sports fanatic and vertigo.

Madden 20 Review: Best performance and easy mut coins

If Madden 20 has a real bright spot, it's game play

For the first time in a long time, the game I played in Madden felt great. The passing is crisp, the running feels easy to master but difficult to master, and the defense is as pleasant as before. It feels... Smooth. It's hard to see just by watching the video, but when you play from Madden 20 to Madden 20, you will definitely feel different on the court. In the end, it feels like player ratings and duels are more important than ever, and better players will take over regardless of factor X.

Many of them can be attributed to the new scoring methods of the game. There is a greater difference between stars and boundary promoters. You can't just throw the 60-70's overall receiver on the court and expect it to be green with Odell Beckham or A.J.

With the update of RPM (real player motion) 2.0, the mobile ability of players is greatly improved. In fact, the process of action on the ground is realistic, and things are less dazzling or rigid than ever before.

The long-awaited joining of RPO provides more opportunities for attack and makes the attack more playful. The quarterback also has a better sense of control, especially when trying to put a pass in a window or guide the receiver. Oh, we can't forget that this year's fakes are really natural.

At runtime, you'll notice - in addition to the small bugs that should be fixed in the near future, the offensive line can pick up obstacles and better assign tasks. They exercise well and turn to open holes for runners without feeling too powerful.

In defense, the defensive line is your biggest improvement this year. The fight between the opposing lines has never been so intense, and it's good to see how the best attacking forwards can fight against the best base running or passing.

In the last seven - which you can attribute to a change in player class - there will be no Olympian like obstacles for centre back centre backs to get passes, and the seventh round defenders will not be able to keep up with speed receivers like desean Jackson

For the longest time, players like J.J. have been a problem of buying Madden coins.

Watt and Aaron Donald have never really stood out, there's no guarantee they'll stay on your team, or really take over the online game with others. Madden 20 has taken a big step by launching a new superstar x-factors to alleviate this problem.

These x elements, including the fearmonger, which makes the defender bear the pressure of QB even when blocked, and the double me ability, which enables the player to win the successful attempt of attack in a single coverage range, can show the best and best in the game. Great players like Aaron Rodgers, Zach ertz and cam Newton are now more eye-catching than ever, with new capabilities widening the gap even beyond the level recommended by the standard score.

There are still some faults and problems at the scene, for example, when the player encounters problems, but the game still registers it as up, but it is undeniable that Madden 20 provides the player with the best game playing method of the series since Playstation 4 and Xbox are launched. One. Even something as simple as a free attack feels better than ever.

Now the hottest one is Madden 20. I don't know if there is any difference. However, I'm not sure if the team you are referring to is established or existing. If you build your own, you can spend a lot of mut coins and arrange the most powerful players in each position. If it's a single team, the style of each team is different, so their players are different. When attacking people run a team that is good at defending, maybe they don't do well.

You should know that there is no best team, only the best players. For players, it is more important to improve their ability.


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