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Cap Mold In The Processing Of The Position

Posted By injection capmold     June 4, 2020    


Cap Mold Plastic mold in the plastic processing occupies a very important position, Cap Mold design level and manufacturing capacity also reflects a country's industrial standards, in recent years, plastic production mold production and the level of development is very speed, high efficiency, automation, large, , The proportion of long-life mold is growing Now from the mold design, processing methods, processing equipment, surface treatment and other aspects to sum up the status of the development of the mold.

Plastic molding method and mold design

Cap Mold Gas-assisted molding, gas-assisted molding is not a new technology, but in recent years the rapid development and the emergence of some new methods. Liquefied gas-assisted injection is a preheated special gasifiable liquid from the injection into the plastic melt, the liquid heat in the cavity was gasified and expanded to make the hollow, and the melt into the mold cavity Surface, this method can be used for any thermoplastic. Vibration gas-assisted injection is through the oscillation of compressed gas to the plastic melt to the application of vibration energy, so as to achieve the control of the microstructure, improve product performance purposes, some manufacturers to gas-assisted molding used in the conversion of gas into a thinner products, Can also produce large hollow products, its higher quality, lower cost, but the key point is the water leakage problem,

Cap Mold A two-or more passage is provided around the mold cavity and is connected to two or more injection devices or a reciprocating piston. After the melt is completed, the screw or piston of the injection device Back and forth to move back and forth in the cavity of the melt, this technology is called dynamic pressure technology, the purpose is to avoid the traditional molding method of thick products will have a great contraction of the problem,

Cap Mold High-pressure molded shell products, thin shell products are generally long process than the products, the use of multi-point gate mold, but more pouring will cause melting joints, for some transparent products will affect its visual effects, single point Pouring and easy to fill the cavity, it can use high-pressure molding technology to shape, such as the US Air Force, F16 fighter cockpit is the use of this technology, has been used to produce this technology PC car windshield, high pressure injection The pressure is generally more than 200MPA, so the mold material should also choose the high Young's modulus of the high-strength, high-pressure molding is the key to mold temperature control, the other should pay attention to the cavity of the exhaust must be smooth. Otherwise high-speed injection will lead to poor exhaust gas will burn.

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