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ISO Certification in Iraq - A Detailed Notes

Posted By iso consultation     June 6, 2020    


ISO certification in Iraq helps the organisation to satisfy their customer up to maximum level And helps the organisation to set up regulator Re and statutory requirements according to Government rules and policies.

ISO 9001 standard implementation in any organisation brings only the beneficiary factor for the company. And also, the organisation will get the Global recognition in terms of stability of the organisation and the sufficient fund investments having the greater value in the country. ISO 9001 certification in Iraq standard is called as mother of all the international standards this is one of the International standards that is published by international organisation for standardization keeping the quality of the service or the product in the mind. implementation of quality management system in the organisation will help the organisation to have a determined criteria and methodology is in each process.

ISO 14001 certification in Iraq standard in the organisation will provide the sufficient proof to the society that the organisation cares very much about the environmental factors. ISO 14001 standard is generally called as environmental management system and the main focus of this International standard is to protect the natural bodies from the hazards that are infected by the organisation up on them .

 ISO 45001 certification in Iraq standard will help the organisation to have a social responsibility will served along with it will bring the confidence in each employee in the organisation to work confidently towards the organisation welfare. Adoption of the high-level structure of ¿Annex SL¿ enables organizations to integrate ISO 45001 with existing ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental management systems. This approach has reduced the complexity of multiple clause requirements across different standards applications, saving time and resources. The standard provides a systematic approach for senior leadership to assess OHS risk and opportunities, monitor and review safety performance and set objectives for continual improvement within the ¿context¿ of organizational activities. This may include, for example, worker health promotion campaigns or the monitoring of the OHS effects of products and services provided.

The information security standards state the ISO 27000 family of standards offers a set of specifications, codes of conduct and best-practice guidelines for organisations to ensure strong information security management. Of primary interest are ISO 27001 and ISO 27002. ISO 27001 is a technology-neutral, vendor neutral information security management standard, but it is not a guide. Of the above standards for IT security governance, ISO 27001 certification in Iraq offers the specification: a prescription of the features of an effective information security management system. As the specification, ISO 27001 states what is expected of an ISMS. This means that, in order to receive certification or to pass an audit, your ISMS must conform to these requirements. While ISO 27001 offers the specification, ISO 27002 provides the code of conduct ¿ guidance and recommended best practices that can be used to enforce the specification. ISO 27002, then, is the source of guidance for the selection and implementation of an effective ISMS. In effect, ISO 27002 is the second part of ISO 27001.