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Old School RuneScape's Beloved Deadman Mode Starts On May

Posted By game z2u     August 6, 2020    


Old School Runescape team has revealed in a recent blog post resumption of the game modes while the public favorite, Deadman Mode. Game mode while back as a four-week long tournament, with a prize pool of charity without notice.

Deadman Mode is a game mode while Oldschool Runescape, first introduced in March 2016. Previously, each "season" of Deadman mode displays during the week and season tournament where the world Deadman mode is available. After the cancellation of Deadman mode back in October 2018, while the mode is finally back because of demand from the public Oldschool Runescape.

This time, the Oldschool Runescape community compete for various prizes, including, 000 cash, Razer products, and a brand new PC system. In addition to this, Jagex, the company behind Oldschool Runescape, donated £ 25,000 to celebrate the return of the event for their charity partners.

The top 2,000 players from Deadman tournament mode will compete in the live final on May 30. These players will be cut to around 250 contestants, and the game will be played until the end of the half. From there, it will be one versus one to claim the winner Deadman Mode. As you can imagine, Deadman mode is highly anticipated by the community of Old School Runescape, and grew very competitive very quickly. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Old School RuneScape Money, you can visit our website
Deadman Mode is a version of Oldschool Runescape where the main aspect is player vs. player combat. Anywhere in Geillanor, the world of RuneScape, players can engage in battles with other players. Some areas are excluded from this Geillanor, however, that the safe areas surrounding major cities.

When a player beat other players in combat, all items brought by the player who lost for grabs for the winner. Apart from these, ten of the most valuable items pile of bank forms the key to losing players. The key gives access to the winner of this loot when it opened in the safe zone. At one time, up to five keys can be collected by the players before they have to return to a safe area.