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How to fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Posted By Amy Stephen     August 25, 2020    



Fishing is one of the most common and casual tasks in Animal Crossing, but it takes a certain skill to fall into the game and complete the task. However, fishing in the game is not like sitting there and not waiting for the fish to get the bait.

You must scout the fish alone by looking for the black shadows lurking under the water. These fish have six different sizes, and each size corresponds to a different fish. Buy ACNH Bells can help you solve many problems quickly. For example, the bass always has one of the larger shadows in the game, while the guppy has one of the smallest shadows.

When your villagers face the shadows, it's finally time to get out of trouble. Navigate to the fishing rod in the inventory, select the Hold option, and press the A button to release the fishing line. You may need to reposition several times and recast, but eventually, the fish will see your float and start to bite on the fishing line. Try to place the float directly in front of the target to maximize the chance of connection.

When the fish appears and the float sinks, press and hold the A button to roll it in. Press it too early, and you will scare the fish away before it is fully hooked. This requires some practice, but without you knowing it, you will become a master fishing master.

Although not necessary, if you want to speed up the fishing process, it is worthwhile to spend some time making some bait. If you need too ACNH Bells I suggest you buy directly from ACBellsBuy, which is very easy. Look for the water spouting from the ground, take out the shovel, and dig it away. A manila clam create is needed to make bait, so we recommend returning to the workbench after stocking.