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Animal Crossing: New Horizons-How to Climb Ladder and Cliff

Posted By wlw John     September 27, 2020    


Like many other items on the island, ladders need to be made on the workbench. To unlock the DIY recipe of the ladder, some prerequisites need to be completed. Now let's talk about the first and more important condition. That is to invite new villagers to your island.

Once you start island life, you must start earning Nook Miles. These are just rewards for completing specific tasks, whether it's catching a certain number of mistakes, bagging a certain number of fish, or earning a certain amount of ACNH Bells. After having 2000 miles of Nook Miles, go to Tom Nook's green permanent service tent and approach the green kiosk on the right.

Requires access to Nook Miles awards and purchase of Nook Miles tickets for 2,000 Nook Miles. It's time to leave for the airport. You cannot use the airport on the first day of playing the game. Talk to Orville behind the counter and let him know that he wants to use your Nook Miles ticket to visit other islands.

After flying to another island, ran around until he found an animal NPC wandering around. Talk to them a few times and have the opportunity to invite them to your island. Finally, I visited three different islands and invited three different NPCs to my village. Not sure if you only need to encourage one person or if you need three villagers to unlock the next part. For safety, go to three islands and invite three different villagers.

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