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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How to make ladders and climb cliffs

Posted By wlw John     September 28, 2020    


Here are some things you should do next after you have successfully invited villagers to your island.

Build a bridge

Must wait for Tom Nook to launch the next step(Nook Miles Tickets. After inviting three villagers to your island, visit him at the resident service. This Tanooki will get a call from one of the animals you invited. Nook tells you that it wants to make sure the coming villagers walk around. The solution is to let you choose the location of the new bridge that will be built the next morning.

To provide you with the bridge recipe, you need to use four wooden posts, four clay, and four stones to make the bridge. After creating the bridge, search around your island for a good place to put it. Once the bridge is built, this recipe will disappear from the workbench list, so be sure to place the bridge in a useful location.

Pick out some land for your new residents

Return and report to Nook that the bridge has been placed on the island. We need your help in choosing the right location for each new resident on the way. You have to run around the island and buy the house of the future for every newcomer. Once each of the three future homes has been declared, Tom Nook will call you and have sent you the recipe for the ladder.

Started making

After all the running, the only thing left to do is make the ladder. Go back to the workbench and provide four wood, four hardwood, and four cork to make this handy tool. To use a ladder, run up the cliff with a ladder in your hand and press button A. If you have something else in your hand while approaching the cliff, select A ladder from the tools list while standing at the bottom of the cliff, and then press A. The character will automatically place the ladder on the ground and begin to climb. Now finally to the place where all the flowers, waters, fish, and bugs have been bothering you since the beginning of the game.

Go where

Now that you know how to unlock the ladder, you have real control over the island. Pull the weeds, gather the best bugs, and catch the best fish in a never-ending quest to earn bells and pay off loans. Once all your new villagers have moved in, the island will look less deserted and set off on a journey to build your dream.

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