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The Elder Scrolls Online – How To Become A Master Thief

Posted By igvault esogold     October 19, 2020    


Becoming a master thief in ESO is, in my opinion, the best way to earn money if you are not really the type of player that will consume time in guild trading to earn some coins. Even though trading can sometimes be more profitable, it takes some hell of a boring time in comparing prices and finding the proper traders for the right items. Stealing is the easy way of making Elder Scrolls Online Gold , and in my opinion at least, is actually pretty fun as well. Though being a master thief is demanding on skill points and gets some time to get used to the techniques.

Level Your Thief Skills Fast

There is a way to level your thief skills fast in The Elder Scrolls Online, but I should caution that the play style isn’t for everyone. This leveling “trick” is basically a method to grind Legerdemain, and with grinding comes repetition and weariness. Still, if you want to level Legerdemain to 20 as fast as possible, this is the way:

Find Yourself Some Goats Yes, I’m being completely serious. You can level your thief skills fast, but you’re going to need some livestock. Most regions in the game have farmsteads or plantations with goats, etc. The trick is to find a location with lots of goats — the more the better. Veteran level players can find a great little farm right outside Craglorn’s Dragonstar Wayshrine for example.

Kill The Goats Players could always kill goats in The Elder Scrolls Online, but with the release of the Justice System, slaughtering goats is now a crime. This is actually great news if you want to level your thief skills fast.

Harvest The Goats Once you clandestinely kill the goats, you can harvest their bodies for Game, Guts, and Hide. Like any crime, just be careful not to be caught in the act! If an NPC witnesses your poaching efforts, you’ll rack up a bounty, so be sure to go into stealth mode.

Rinse And Repeat Because killing goats in now a crime, each item (Game, Guts, Hide) is considered “stolen,” and stolen items can be sold or laundered to a fence for valuable Legerdemain experience. Each slaughtered goat usually gives up a generous 3-4 items, and you can level your thief skill fast by simply killing an entire herd, looting their bodies, and waiting for the goats to respawn. In a relatively short period of time, you can fill your bag space with stolen goods at a much faster pace than skulking around town looting barrels and picking pockets.

Added Bonus Not only can you level your thief skills fast, but you can profit monetarily from this grind as well. At the time of writing, the average Guild Store price for Game is 39 gold and Guts is 8 gold — it may not sound like a lot, but when sold in stacks you can make some decent money while leveling. And this doesn’t even include the Hide you can sell or refine at Crafting Stations. Level your thief skills fast AND make money? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Thieves Guild Skill Line contains only passive skills contain some “must-have” skills to make you less noticeable and reduce your detection range. But on the other hand, some skills to get you through your “unlucky times” of stealing.

Finders Keepers: Thieves Troves are small caches, with a light purple-blue glow around them, located all around Tamriel. They usually contain lockpicks, some coins and either equipment, treasure maps, or stolen shipments.

Tip: Don’t forget to crouch and stay hidden while you picking up a Thieves Trove and while opening the stolen shipments, it’s still considering stealing.

Swiftly Forgotten: Swiftly Forgotten decreases your bounty and heat after three seconds, which is the “must-have-first” of all the skill line. In its full glory, the skill can decrease bounty to 115 and heat to 64 every three minutes. While not having this skill waiting for even the lower bounty to decrease, takes just forever.

Haggling: With this passive, your haggling skills grant you the ability to get up to 10% more for stolen items you sell to any fence, but it does not apply to laundering.

Clemency: When used, a guard that was going to arrest you will have a turn of heart and won’t take your money and stolen goods. Also, guards will not attempt to accost you for one minute after you use Clemency unless you commit other crimes. Clemency is usable once a day, so use it wisely!

Timely Escape: With Timely Escape, there is a chance a “Footpad” may appear in any town with an Outlaws Refuge when you have heat and are in combat. Interacting with the Footpad will whisk you away to the safety of the nearest Outlaws Refuge.

Veil of Shadows: With Veil of Shadows, witnesses and guards have their detection range decreased by 10%. With decreased detection range, witnesses are less likely to notice crimes and guards won’t challenge you until they get closer.

In conclusion, Thieves Guild totally worth it. Most of the passive skills it offers, are all the help you could get on stealing. Selling stolen items on higher prices, having that bounty that never falls, disappearing before catching your breath and of course the reduction of detection range, are the top 3 skills that will help you master stealing.

Daily quests of Thieves Guild are another good reason that the DLC worth it. Rewards like rare crafting motifs of Outlaws, large stolen shipments, the known as Counterfeit Pardon Edict, that reduces bounty, cash of course, and many more. Daily quests are also a good training for the ones that are new to the Outlaw’s way of living.

With the above skills, you may know how to Level Your Thief Skills Fast In The Elder Scrolls Online . Here is a link to get further information about How to Level Your Thief Skills Fast In The Elder Scrolls Online or Sell/Buy ESO Crown Crates !