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    • Last updated October 31, 2020
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Runescape and I lived happily ever after

Posted By wang MMOruki     October 31, 2020    


After that RuneScape gold I gave him the reason why am I wasting my time watching this nerd bullshizzle look and he got the message. For the rest of the day we did something stereotypical boys that era could do like play touch football or race in the pool. Seconds later I hear some really annoying kids in my class discuss this game called Runescape. The game sounded vaguely familiar from the experience I had with my friend so I decided to attempt so that I could act all pro to the annoying kids. I created on a Friday day an account which I have lost someplace in Varrock, therefore I left Sobend. This time I played stayed in Lumbridge.

Then when those children were discussing it in class I barged in (this was somewhat before Runescape was well known and considered nerdy by children that era ) and started talking about how great I was. I found it funny.

Later I spoke to my friend who originally introduced me into the match and he instructed me some more things, like how to communicate with other players by typing (I didn't figure that out on my own sadly). From that point I kept training my battle stats and began doing mining and smithing. And then Runescape and I lived happily ever after. So share your own stories. I know it was a very long time back for many of you but I believe most of us recall how we started to playwith. Also attempt to prevent yourself from becoming nostalgic and stating"runescape was much more enjoyable then guy." We know you believe that already.

Several of us played with it for a good 3-5 months. By the end of the first school year just my friend Gentry and I were the remaining players. Josh had already stopped as well. So by about a quarter of the way in to the next year Gentry got hacked by (we believe it was Josh although not sure) so he pretty much quit. I was the sole remaining player.

When I first began playing we all believed it was so cool. Well you know how overpowering the sport could be for the first-time player. There is just so much to do! So many places to learn about. It took a toll on everybody myself included and I think that's 1 thing that flipped several of my friends off. I still remember being a noob thinking Draynor was Varrock. As a matter of fact, there was a person on Sal's Realm called Thai Tong I am sure a lot of you understand him;-RRB- He was among the very first people who told me about how to get stuff done and taught me quite a long how. We've been friends for a lengthy time! Whenever I wanted support he was there and when Dungeoneering first came out he took the opportunity to buy rs3 gold educate me cause it didn't click with me initially.