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Will Animal Crossing hold a Thanksgiving event?

Posted By Amy Stephen     November 3, 2020    


The seasonal changes and holidays of Animal Crossing goods are always exciting. They usually introduce new villager characters, DIY, and furniture, so naturally, players can bet on seeing some Thanksgiving-themed content sooner. Turkey Franklin (Franklin) appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaves, wearing a satirical chef hat and apron, he made his debut inside the original game Cube Animal Crossing. He will appear every harvest day in the majority of animal crossing games.

Initially, Franklin was described as a very clever and paranoid character-as it ought to be-because he morbidly accepted the invitation to become a special guest on Harvest Day, apart from the half-deleted word "dish" with "guest" written about it. In "New Leaves", his role grows more refined, he appears inside the square and tells the ball player that he's going to cook with the Harvest Festival.  It's always good for you to collect more ACNH Bells For Sale anyway. With the recent arrival of pumpkins in New Horizons, there might be more edible vegetables to prepare for the harvest festival.

Franklin allows players to get different ingredients, that may be obtained from fishing, harvesting, or using villagers on the participant's island. This may be the formula that New Horizons follows, but as shown in past holidays and festivals, it may well develop in events. Just like Thanksgiving, the Harvest Festival is held about the fourth Thursday of November.

In New Leaf, Franklin asked players to seek out ingredients for four dishes: salad, soup, main course, and dessert. After giving him ingredients, he'll reward players with Harvest furniture. Earlier this year, Animal Crossing's data mining hinted that New Horizons cooking is originating, this also seems to be the right time to implement it.

Besides the Harvest Festival, players also can look forward to Animal Crossing in December: New Horizons Reindeer and Toy Dolls. Buy Animal Crossing Items With Fast Delivery and Cheap Delivery at ACBellsBuy site. The New Year's event can be held soon.