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Look at WoW

Posted By Smarthuiyuan Smarthuiyuan     November 17, 2020    


Null space is supposed to be dagerous, high and very low sec your safe not to EVE Echoes Items pay attention but in null unless you've got the mindset of someone is waiting to kill you then your going to loose your stuff, and as it should be. Thats EVE, how are gamers intended to control space and devise their own empires without at the abiity to kill people who intrude in their space.What you want is joyful carebear land where no place is dangerious and if thats what you want Eve isn't the match for you.I went and purchased a 4m$ rig at a 0.0 station. The millisecond I abandoned the station my covert ops Herron got closed and shattered. A great waste of money and time. So glad they included this as an enjoyable feature.

Even with gate campers this game is really tame to say cellular games such as Star Trek Starfleet Command where your base can be wholly raided by pirates when you're offline. The idea that mobile games need to be protected should check out some of the mobile space games. I still am playing Second Galaxy for instance and I've lost ships in high sec space while doing experience missions.Catering to casual gamers never causes a better game. Look at Cheap EVE Mobile ISK. If you'd like a casual game, there in literally thousands out there. Let's have 1 hard core cellular game. God damn...this shit is bothersome. People can't handle challenges.