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    • Last updated November 24, 2020
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Please place on your vote

Posted By Smarthuiyuan Smarthuiyuan     November 24, 2020    


So. Please place on your vote. Any other accounts tips are nice too. Add me. I don't have any friends, as I came back into OSRS gold a month ago (when I had regained the primary from a year ago). I really don't have many friends, as all mine have left. It would be nice to get to know someone. I started the account last week. I've been taking level screenies. I'll earn a log eventually. Thanks.

Well I got a 20mil budget currently hoping to arrive right now I got 16.5... Since I got 99 triumphed now and havent meeled in many months I dont know a great deal about meeling atm... I am getting 75 att 75 str and 85+ defense... I know my stats are not really very good at the moment, so I wish to make them better. First of all, what is the best raining location for me currently, and why? I am doing flesh crawlers right now.

The next issue is, I really need to start player killing but I'm not sure if I'm ready with my stats. I'm afraid many pures or atleast very strength/range based players will beat me easily and I am thinking about even making another account. I really don't wish to produce a new one, so what do I want to do to make my account player-killing efficent? I got about 700k. Thanks. Well I decided to begin playing RS again cuz I have a bad urge to! I have no friends so if anyone wants to add me. My name is Sloscin809... And if someone can I need like a manual for the specfic self... I am a non-member. I plan on juss with melee for a long time. Besides runes for teles. Anyone wanna help me out?Study - create teletabs; find out where shooting stars are landing; alter the part of Cheap RS gold a magic staff. Toilet - alter your hair (also beard/mustache if your character is male) and base clothes.