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    • Last updated December 4, 2020
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Any suggestions on improving my setup?

Posted By best Ding     December 4, 2020    


Now I am getting my Agility up and likely for 99:rolleyes:. I'm using a Master Penance Horn from Barbarian Assault for its double adventure. While I play BA I'm typically Attacker because I'm level 5 significance better things. I hate Defender. So Bassicaly that I need to know whether the MPH is actually getting me more Agility Exp or RS gold is a loss. What I mean with this is if in the time that I spend charging it could I get more Agility exp if I was in a program?

I don't mind playing Barbarian Assault because it is quite fun and the Granite Bodies bring in a tad of profit. Agility would not be any profit so that's a up. From there I'll be doing Ape Atoll out of 70-80/85. I'll either do Dorgesh-Kaan until 85 or stick to Atoll till 85. (I know I can not use Horn in Dorg) Gnome Extended untill 90/92. Finishing off will be Barbarian Extended till 99. Is my strategy great or are there any better choices? Thank you for the input before hand.

Okay, now I'm going to start getting serious and train slayer a good deal. I'm lvl 48 right now and only completed Smoking Kills. What slayer master if I use? Should I do any other quests until I begin? I'm going to be more ranging/meleeing. Are there any tasks I should be hoping for? Any tasks that I should make an effort to prevent? Looking to make a great deal of money from this.

Any suggestions on improving my setup? I got 6m to update anything." -" Separtes Range from Melee. Now I have gotten a Fighter Torso and I am in the process of obtaining a rune defender. I also purchased a whip. I doubt I will get RFD gloves as I don't have many of the reqs. I lately did Defender of Varrock so that I can get my melee up a bit. I'll probably get 80-85 Str, 80 defence, 75 assault, then return to Slayer. Sumona still the best bet?First of all, the quest guide might need to be upgraded for"The Great Brain Robbery", since there's absolutely no safe place anymore. And that leads me to cheap OSRS gold my query... I struggled Barrelchest earlier when I'd read here that there was a safespot, so I maged him, and discovered the hard way that the safespot was no more there. My question is, what's the simplest way to beat the crazy level 170 Barrelchest? And do I want to raise a number of my stats ?