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    • Last updated December 8, 2020
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Stats I level up as far as possible: Agility.

Posted By best Ding     December 8, 2020    


I would market the Bandos Boots, Dragon are so much better. Afterward, I'd also get Dragon Platebody + Legs. Much better, cheaper, rare, and OSRS gold better looking than Bandos. Aside from that you're good. Aside from the very first sentence, this article is a terrible recommendation. Bandos CP gives Prayer AND Strength, Dragon plate gives . There is no competition between the two.

I'd like to know a few recommendations to lvling my melee,mage and array stats,all these are my stats in the moment... I'd love to boost melee stats to 85 each,based on 85,mage into a minimum of 70 and prayer into 60. I'm F2P and I might get members in a couple weeks if I estimate that training in F2P is way too slow. Also I want some moneymaking approaches involving combat in P2P,do not imply green dragons are my past few trips involved revenants ambushing me,though I will probably do the occasional 3 trips a day . Additionally my slayer lvl is simply 40.

Background information. Other stats: 35 runecrafting, 46 crafting, 54 woodcutting, 55 firemaking, 60 smithing, 76 fishing, and 79 cooking. Budget: 7m money. Stats I'm not planning to train as a part: Farming, thieving, hunter, summoning, fletching, herblore. Stats I might educate: Slayer, Construction

Stats I level up as far as possible: Agility. (Un)fortunately, the tests have ended, and I'm back on my runescape adventure . Planning to change my title, and decided that I might too catch a skillcape to get a skill while I am doing this. In the end, I can not cover a permernent membership, so 1 month is all I've got. I have set a few goals for myself, and expecting to achieve them in that 1 month.

Goals for 1 month. 1. Get a name change (easy). 2. Get a skillcape, so that I can return back to F2P without believing I've wasted $18 of my cash on Old School RuneScape Gold just a name change. (Easy to buy one) 3, Get a skill in 99 so I can get a skillcape. (Really hard, based on the ability ) 4. Do some arbitrary member things and level up my range. (Medium difficulty) 5. ) Earn a Lot of cash (Kind-of-easy)