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    • Last updated December 9, 2020
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I recently shifted slayer masters to RuneScape

Posted By wang MMOruki     December 9, 2020    


Okay, I am in a Small quandary. I'm trying to RuneScape gold level up My melee and prayer, and I'm having difficulty choosing which to train on, so I thought I would ask the Sal's Folks here for help: My assault, strength, and defense are all at 83. My prayer is 79, and My hitpoints is 87. I would probably be using prayer for the two creatures, since even asyn colors hit high and frequently, even with Torag's armor (I will be wearing proselyte armor and Saradomin stole, +28 total prayer bonus) and protection potions. Unless somebody can convince Me otherwise, I'd rather just sell rocktails, instead of use them.

The black dragons I'd be fighting would be from the Evil Chicken's Lair, until completion of that part of the subquest, so crowding is not an issue. Melee-ing black dragons requires a very long time, but You also need to jump through a lot of hoops for asyn shades too. I'll be using the Ectofuntus to your dragon bones. Thank you for any help You all may give.I am under the impression that regardless of a players level plants could perish. The boosts, as it sounds stated, does not raise level, which means you cannot,"pot" level to meet a minium requirement. Additionally plants take exactly the exact same amout of time to grow regardless of difference in players levels. A participant with 99skill in farming will take the exact same quantity of time vs a player with 1 skill in farming.

So essentially, I'm targeting to get 99 fishing by Christmas, do you think this is possible? At present, I'm Level 82 in Fishing or you might check my Signature to get a more upgraded result on my Fishing exp and that I plan on doing Shilo to 90, then monks. I play around 2-3 hours every day on school days and about 4-5 on holidays which equals about 600k exp weekly although that is at my present level. It would be appreciated if anyone with 99 Fishing or 90+ could give some advice like where I need to train.

I also do not plan on too much cash as I'd rather have rapid experience. Shilo and monks are amongst the quickest experience-wise, and since it seems that all you care about is your cape, then this ought to be enough to you. It took me 4 weeks, and I have left a lot of money on them and I have a lot to show for this. Just sayin'...

I recently shifted slayer masters to the fourth one, the one which resides in Zanaris. Anyhow, my combat level is 78 and I was getting bored with all the 40 battle guy in Edgeville's tasks. Should I remain with the Edgeville guy until I get a little higher, or just stick with Chaeldar? Additionally, using Chaeldar, I got a undertaking of 100 dagannoths. I believe that they may be somewhat too strong for me, so is there any suggestions of buy RS gold how to handle them?