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This is basically a PvP king of this hill.

Posted By best Ding     Jan 19    


This is basically a PvP king of this hill. Everyone jumps into one arena where they fight against each other to get Tokkul reward along with RS gold the achievement of Fight Pit winner (required for hard Karamja diary). Although this miniature game is PvP oriented it is also totally safe. Losers who die at the Pit won't lose their equipment and won't be penalized in any other way.

Bounty Hunter (Risky). If you've got every been to Wilderness you probably discovered that after crossing the border you are given a target to kill. This is precisely how Bounty Hunter functions. Every player in the Wilderness becomes assigned a goal they have to get rid of. For effective eliminations you're rewarded with emblems which can be quite pricy. In addition you get a loot which your goal drops. Keep in mind it is quite harmful minigame and you can get rid of everything you've equipped.

With no doubt most recognized one on the listing. Barrows is a minigame located near Morytania swamps where player comes across graveyard which contains labyrinth. Inside those tunnels you can locate Barrows Brothers that were buried there a very long time ago. By defeating ghosts of said brothers players can get generous rewards in form of Barrows gear, gold coins, runes and other precious items. This miniature game is known to be among the best money makers as it does not require high skills and rewards using a great deal of prizes. If you want to know more about Barrows make sure that you take a look at our OSRS Barrows Guide.

Nightmare Zone (Safe). This minigame also called NMZ is where you can fight all preceding pursuit bosses that you've defeated throughout your journey from the lands of Gielinor. The more quests you've completed the more bosses you may fight in this place. To start off head to Dominic Onion near tower situated north-east of Yanille. This is also the perfect location to train your melee battle so be sure you take a look at our Nightmare Zone guide where we explain details of the activity. As a benefit from Nightmare Zone you can choose various things, herbs and upgrades for already possessed gear.

This is a team minigame which means you will need to collaborate with other people to be successful. Inside Void Knights' Outpost you can jump into one of three boats which endure for three issues: easy, medium and hard. After certain number or players collect on the ship they're teleported to the island swarmed by pest. Participants need to slay said pets and close all four portals which let them spawn. In precisely the same time they have to protect Void Knight who stands at cheap RuneScape gold the center of the isle. If NPC survives and all portals are closed players will be rewarded with special tokens used to buy very useful Void Knight sets and weapons.