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I don't see why you don't wish to RuneScape

Posted By wang MMOruki     Feb 8    


Dragon defender over dfs cuz of OSRS gold all atk bonuses. Considering that ur low on cash expl ringzerker, as the pray bonus reduces the number of ppots used. . Plus the emergency teles, free run, and capacity to alch crap tht u get is quite good. Torags have nearly 2 times longer defence (Iirc, its the best defence armour in game). . Finest part? Its frikkin sexy! (more than enuff time to max melee and max slayer)... Thats practically the very best shizzle ur gont get. .

I don't see why you don't wish to utilize them. If you don't care about looks then you (are a miserable homo) can get Veracs skirt to go with torags body. . Same def bonus because torags thighs, albeit more costly and has prayer bonus, so u can use it for slayer when u dont want to pray protect prayers. Dfs is only helpful for tanking bosses or in pvp activities, as drag def is MUCH better due to the epic atk bonuses.

Now, just how much does it cost to repair (convenience of repair is not a problem as there are NPCs in Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe, Void Knight Outpost, and you may also do it on your home )? Less if you're doing it in your home and you really have a moderate smithing level (50, for example, will make it cost ~ $70k). Let's round up and call that 100k, as we are rounding down the cost of Torag's to 300k not 340k. 86*15=1,290, which is the number of hours you would have to be fighting this (not wearing it) until you spent up to it as you would a dragon platebody.

For reference, 200 hours are a very long time to get a skill to 99. This degrades in combat. Not only wearing it. The stats don't degrade gradually. They're good and then they stop when it proceeds from 25% to 0%. I cannot understand why you would pay vastly more for an inferior part of armour solely depending on the requirement to fork out small sums of cash every 15 hours of combat. The reason why dragon platebodies are so pricey has nothing to do with their usefulness: it's only as they're hard to get.

If not I will be receiving a Bgs, then a set of claws with any excess money... After that remainder of cash goes to leveling mage, plead, summ or herby. Ndy: Got 90 Str today. . I wont be coaching that for a short time. . Not until I get 85 def and 90 atk anyways (Out Of 80 and 85 respectively. .) , also 70 range, and cheap RuneScape gold possibely even veng l0l. . And then, I would have a cr hopefully.