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That completed the quest would become precisely

Posted By Kingang Kingang     Mar 19    


So I guess that OSRS gold the low levels hardly take 1 damage, 1 opportunity to hit and 1 opportunity to dodge. The highest doesn't get 2 but a little above 1. Im not 100% sure if this is perfect. Its every 10 levels in power you receive 1 extra point of damage ? If that is right then I guess the exact same goes for attack and defence. I don't think its every 5 levels in strength you get 1 additional point of damage. What do you guys think?

My thought is a brand new range/melee weapon. The way to create: It could be a player made weapon. It would be reached by making a longbow from any type of log that's normally use to make a long bow. Once you've got a longbow then you can make a blade from most kinds of metal in runescape (bronze-rune). Once you have the blade then you would Utilize the blade with the longbow. The blade which you can connect into the bow depends on the kind of wood the bow is made from. (The more powerful the wood that the more powerful the alloy you may use) This would create the sharpbow (maybe a better name later). It would also utilize a new type of arrow called a long arrow. These are slightly more than a standard arrow and would be wholly metal. The arrows that you may use would depend on the longbow which you make to attack the blade to. Thieving: A secure will fall from the skies and land before you, you will then place your ear from the safe and attempt to crack it (sort of like the wall safe in the rogues den). Then you will open it and take out a hand full of golden jewelry/silver jewelry, along with a Rs 2107 gold tiara with the forces of a blood talisman bount into it, and then you will hold this up in the air, then everything disappears.