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There would be the option to RuneScape

Posted By MMOgrfy MMOgrfy     Apr 8    


Abilities should be for OSRS gold leveling up such as having the ability to have your pets get and do your work sometimes with the loss of summoning points. You will have to renew your points in the alter in Taverley. A recharge penalty as summoning but the fantastic side is having motif catch fish by swimming . And have them kill tiny things such as rats and cows. Only land creatures. But training animals are fun exactly like a real pet.

I was thinking , with the pking update. Anyways,I thought to myself"some people have told me they miss it because of plan, because c wars, bounty hunter, etc, have a near blank stadium. So I thought this out: THE PKING alternative for THE WILDERNESS!

At the options menu, there would be the option to turn on/off. It would let you attack different players with this choice . If they didn't have it on and you should try and assault, it would state: This player is currently not fighting with other players. Knowing this would bring so many flames on me, I decided I must put this NOW: YOu WILL eliminate NO ITEMS TO THE DEATHS OF PLAYERS. Though, considering the fact that of dying to other npcs, u wil shed things, but they will not appear to other gamers. All I have to actually indicate, therefore... bye?

Alright, We have a problem with charms, also there are a number of issues with buying charms. Anyway, I was talking to I choclate ingame when I understood a few methods to gain these little trinkets! How about a summoning minigame, also pickpocket summoner npcs and loot chest!

About the minigame, it'd be in a city that is the home of summoners. The game will probably be like castlewars/duel arena/clanwars. Familiars would not perish from the minigame, but they can perish. Your familiar dieing in the mingame would put you in a waiting area while the game plays out. The principles are, two groups of summoners must defeat the other group's familiars. Players can't attack one another, and has to utilize their familiars to assault another team's familiars. When all the familiars on a single team expires, The other team wins. Your prize is 4 charm buds. These could be exchanged for cheap RuneScape gold charms, and other benefits.