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Boats are used frequently in RuneScape

Posted By Kingang Kingang     Apr 12    


I'm Taurus, and I've been sent OSRS gold here by Azzanadra to help you! How do I make confident that Azzanadra sent you? By this. Taurus will cast each of those Ancient Magicks rush attacks against the cliff (every one is going to splatter with no series of damage) Can you believe me now. I suppose so. But what do you wish to help me with? To say the least, I am a strong man, and can help you move obstacles or anything obstructing your path. I see that you have already opened this door, but I'm convinced there will be larger and heavier barriers inside this crypt. Alright, if you state Azzanadra sent you. Simply follow me.

On Taurus (who'll be after you), there will not be a talk option, but instead a'Move Obstacle' alternative. When there isn't an obstalce within four squares of where you are standing, he will say'There is nothing to move.' Enter through the doorway you previously opened. You may encounter a very long pathway with sand-colored stones across the side. There are three'Fallen Boulders' at the center of the hallway, preventing you from passing.

For each one you will have to use the'Move Obstacle' option on Taurus. He will sucessfuly move . Additionally, there are seven cubes along the side that will deal 5-12 damage every time you walk (you may disable the traps with 53 thieving, which you are going to have if you have completed Desert Treasure quest). As soon as you pass the cubes, you'll be in a round chamber with six doorways. Enter the Rs3 gold door from the left. If you enter any of the other doors, it will state they will not budge (if you use the'Move Obstacle' alternative on Taurus, he will state that he can't move it.)