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RuneScape is a good game to pass the time

Posted By Kingang Kingang     Apr 28    


The pursuit: -Requirements ~ 60 Construction and 40 structure. Begin by speaking to this composer. He tells you about his most recent invention. You have RS gold to run and get materials (much like the goblin's diplomacy quest). You complete and are rewarded with the ability to utilize the aforementioned, and one quest point. With 40 construction, you can put a gramaphone in your house. It's possible to set 1 listing per gramaphone.

You can set rooms where the gramaphone will operate for. If one walks into the area a gramaphone is behaving on, he/she will hear the composition onto the gramaphone. Records put on a house-gramaphone cannot be changed. The gramaphone will have to be destroyed, and a new one place. A maximum of two gramaphones per 30 rooms (you need at least 15 rooms to possess one). This is meant mainly as a money-eater, by the way.

Runescape has lots of boss battles out there, but they are quite disappointing. They're generic, hack and slash bosses that constantly hit you hard. Bosses such as this get quite annoying after while.

Well, I had an idea. How about new bosses that require strategy, and tactics? Since these bosses need more than simply slash and heal, a couple changes would have to be made. Present-day bosses can hit fairly hard, and some can strike multiple people with very hard hits. Of course with Old school runescape buy gold supervisors I have in mind, that can't be an alternative. For the sake of the instance, this boss will not have a title...