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How To Build Tek Hover Skiff In Ark: Survival Evolved

Posted By Jonser Jonser     May 25    


Ark: Survival Evolved has come a long way since its first release in 2015. Various functions are added to the game, and plenty of original mechanisms have already been further improved.

It ends up that a special addition that is certainly particularly popular is Tek Hover Skiff, which is part of its fourth DLC expansion pack, Genesis: Part 1, which has been combined with the game. This terminal game vehicle greatly accelerates the rate of traversing the game world, but in fact, it can be its ability to transport creatures making it such a useful tool. Some novices are not familiar with tame dinosaurs, so they usually choose store to cheap ARK Buy Dinos.

In short; for anyone who is still playing the Ark game, then the is something you need that you experienced. This is a valuable asset that does not only makes things simple but serves as a symbol of the mastery of the game. As you might expect, you must jump a couple of laps before you do it.

Make The Tek Hover Skiff
Now that you have the Tekgram you will need, head to Tek Replicator and select Tek Hover Skiff through the menu. You need a few other resources to make it, but they should already be everything you have on hand.

If not, you have got to do some farming. These are Crystal or Primal Crystal, Electronics, Element, Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot, Oil, Polymer, Organic Polymer or Corrupted Nodule. But many players like to buy Cheap ARK Items and ARK Dinos For Sale.

After making the skiff, exit the Tek Replicator menu and you should find the new clip somewhere near the replicator usually behind. Add some elements to power it, and you can start using it now. The controls will vary depending on which platform you are using, but they are not much different from other vehicles in the game, so don't pick it up for too long.