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I might just purchase NBA 2K21 myself invest any amount of money

Posted By sfas Nfkja     Jun 1    


Frankly think that it's an issue beyond 2K. This may happen with any other sport which has micro-transactions. Glad you care, and I'm not sure exactly how close you are with your nephew, but the matter will be fixed by instilling notions of the importance of money at its core. That is obviously easier said than done 2K21 MT, but teaching him the value and importance of cash would then allow him to make decisions, and personal splurging on a NBA 2K21 game. If that is obscure, but I think you have the root problem is solved by ta rather than tackling spending on a certain game cause that'll come and go, along with a new game is going to be his 2K. Hope it goes well.

I might purchase NBA 2K21 if turns out to be greater than the previous games myself just to rub it in his face about the way he shouldve saved and invest any excess sum of money towards the game. Props for that mindset. It's a hard lesson to learn sometimes, but it is about financial responsibility, and personal accountability. If it is not 2K, there will always be something or somebody seeking to hustle him.I dont have kids (10 nieces and nephews) however that I find this kind of thing all over. This might be one of those life lessons he has to learn the hard way. I know lots of people struggle with this kind of thing out of school with charge cards and learn self control and you need to learn the dollar's value. I like your idea here and this will help him determine that the value of saving money.

Props for making him work for this. Putting in some work I agree with a few other posts that it's his money and he can spend it how he wants. Best of luck.i mean, if you are a 2K player already and not just someone visiting say this, you could likely kill two birds with one stone -- make a build when he does, grind it out with him, toss in VC stimulation packs once the grind begins getting absolutely horrible to reveal him when it's acceptable. (I hate paying progress and my build lends itself nicely to getting a lot of VC, but I would be lying if I mentioned purchasing 75k would not bail me out of the 85 OVR hell I am in right now)

Yeah, playing the AI at NBa NBA 2K21 matches is a little boring but I feel as if you gotta sip the ideology at the bud. Simply teach them the grind can help. Basically revealing is gonna help over adding vc to his three-point stat. Funny thing is I do not even play 2K. The one I genuinely player was 2K16 because imo it is a seems like a waste of investment purchasing each ontop of needing to buy VC to keep up with everyone else Buy NBA 2K Coins. Plus I am old school. Since that is all I did back in the 17, I don't mind playing against AI.We Are too scared to play with comp.