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Ark Survival Evolved: Astrodelphis And Maewing Creature In Genesis Part 2

投稿者 Jonser Jonser     6月11日    


In Ark Survival Evolved, there are many different creatures to be found, and the Genesis Part 2 DLC has added new creatures to the list. If you like them, you can buy ARK Dinosaurs from They provide a fresh dimension to the game because everybody has a special spark that means it is unique. No wonder a lot of players desire to tame them given that they have both incredible appearance and skills.

The blend of dolphins and space creates Astrodelphis as it swims inside the air. It is a lot like Astrocetus and ichthyosaurs, nevertheless, its bizarre design has alien appeal.
If someone happens to get this creature too close, it can bite people repeatedly and summon its fellows to help you win the battle. However, if you manage to kill it because its health is incredibly low, then you'll get raw meat and hidden rewards.

You can tame it by stroking it twice and feeding it Element. It is a good vehicle because its saddle has thrusters and lasers. If you draw a north-south line within the middle of the map, you will discover Astrodelphis here.

The Maewing is often a combination of a platypus and sugar glider since it uses its capability to travel through land, air, and water. It also features a knack for stealing the offspring of other creatures through the entire map, and it is going to even take care of them.

This creature is fairly docile, however, if you decide to kill it, it can drop animal hide, raw meat, Pelt, and keratin. Many players Buy ARK Dinosaurs With Cheap and Fast Delivery at, which supports a 24/7 online service. You can find it from the Garden of Eden within the northern one half of the map, this is easy to find
You can tame it and then use it to transport and carry approximately four small animals, however, the process is a bit complicated. If you would like to tame Maewing by yourself, this can be a guide to be able to do it.