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These are the sweepers of the military

Posted By ironman ironman     Jun 15    


These are OSRS gold the sweepers of the military; they exit 3rd and can throw their weapons like boomerangs... at the price of some Special Power, Running Energy, and Prayer Factors. These usually do not depart far from the base; they're provided with 5K of the majority of runes; they are also able to utilize a distinctive ability from the arena were then can throw a spell 3-times, at the cost of a Prayer Ponts and the runes for 5 Casts.

These players CAN NOT Bring any weapons to the war zone; they're given a boosted defense (20 Points), and it won't drain while on their throne; in adition that they can't be poisoned, and can exchange prayer points and run energy for wellbeing (There are just 2 Royalty, one male and female, these are such as flags in capture the flag, and once both are killed the game ends.)

One of the most essential roles in the game. They shield the King and Queen; they can not bring range and magic gear into the war zone, so they're granted a boosted assault and protection (20 Points), and it won't drain so long as they are at the living area; in adition they can't be poisened, also may exchange their prayer points and operate electricity for Special buy OSRS GP Attack Energy.