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Rsgoldfast - Your skill on OSRS Gold account from the easy reality

Posted By Kingang Kingang     Jun 17    


He will mention that a recent attack of goblins was coming from the north-west. Tell him you'll inspect it along with RuneScape gold the dwarves and also him move to Falador for safety. Before you leave, he tells you that he is going to be bringing down Dwarf Multi-Cannons and lots of cannonballs to assist in the approaching battle. He also tells you the knights may utilize the Dwarven Mines for smithing and protection.I am not really happy with the way this came out, and now I'm also well aware the the name for the armor is dumb. I'm still trying to think of a better title for this. Let me know if you have any suggestions to enhance the pursuit. Start: Speak to King Vargas in his castle in Miscellania. Skills: 30 Crafting, 40 Smithing, 20 Construction, 30 Slayer, 40 Mining, 50 Agility and 60 Defence. You should have also completed the Pirate Pete section of Recipe for Disaster. Speak to King Vargas and ask him if he has any tasks for you. Apparently the king had been working on some sort of monster - and experimentation, of sorts - to use as a castle protector, since apparently there were a good deal of recent Troll strikes and his knights are barely able to conquer them. Inform him that you can help him and he will tell you the General Willus is in charge of the undertaking and can tell you exactly what supplies you want to produce the creature.

Speak with him and he will tell you you'll need some Precious Metal, which is dropped by Trolls about the island also can be untradeable. Trolls are just around level 25 - 40 and drop the metal everytime. Get ten of these and bring them back to him. Nowadays you need to smith the metals to some body for the creature. Nowadays you will need to make legs from planks. Get 20 planks and use a hammer and a few nails on them to create four legs. Bring these to Willus and today he would like you to make a tail. Get about 10 cowhides, tan themand then put them together with a needle and string. Today Willus wants you to construct the head. Go down it and there are 3 paths. Take the path in the center and you'll discover a large open area with a bunch of level 250 demons. Kill one of them and it will drop its head. Use the head with some fabric (you need 10) and then cover it with a needle and string. Get a team from Zaff or a different player and use it together with Runescape 2007 gold the mind to turn it into a head on a stick. Obviously such monster's don't just come to existence. Willus will provide you a letter to bring to Merlin asking that he will help to bring the creature to life. Merlin does not wish to encourage the monster, therefore bribe him with 50gp. He gives you some Magical Essence and tells you it can be smithed into a heart. Use it using an anvil to get a Magical Heart. (gives 500 Smithing experience)