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How To Tame Noglin For Ark Survival Evolved Players

Posted By Jonser Jonser     Jun 17    


In the  Ark: Survival Evolved new DLC Genesis Part 2, Noglin is a strange creature, and that's why many players need to know how to tame it. More players like Buy ARK Dinosaurs from to play the game. And it may also control the minds of creatures and survivors, and tame it'll allow you to control them. In addition, Noglin may also distract creatures.

Although Noglin might not be ridden, its other benefits will make it an asset when traversing various regions. It is not among the easiest creatures to tame, however, some tips and tricks will let you speed up the whole process of Ark: Survival Evolved.

How to tame Noglin
If you need to tame Noglin, you will need to follow a number of steps. It is not as simple as tame a dung beetle, but the struggle is incredibly worthwhile. Here would be the steps to show you how you can tame Noglin:

Go To The Rockwell Zone
The Rockwell Zone will be the more dangerous side from the map, not the absolute right place to build the final base, however, you can find Noglin here. They may exist in some places, yet it is still an uncommon find, so that it may take a little while for you to encounter them.

Make A Safe Area
Unfortunately, Noglin's respawn location has not had other dangerous creatures, for example, some picturesque base locations, so you have to kill them before attempting to tame them. It is extremely difficult to lure or move Noglin to a secure area, especially with the river.

However, make sure you try to maintain a safe and secure distance from Noglin itself, otherwise, it could catch your tamers or other creatures in the region and cause serious damage.

Trap The Noglin
You will need to be equipped with a harpoon launcher and multiple Net Projectiles. This is usually used to capture Noglin by nailing it to the floor, and it is going to last a total of just one minute.

If Noglin goes wrong with catch another creature in the area and causes an issue, you also can use this weapon to capture that creature making it easier to tame.

Build a containment unit
Now that Noglin has been captured by the net, if you don't tame it with a single-player cheat code, then you need to create a containment unit around it to trap it. Buy ARK Dinos can save you time to tame them. This is necessary because this creature can only be tamed by catching other creatures and controlling their thoughts.

After taming Noglin, a note will pop up about the screen asking you to name it, and then you can go about the road.

The above will be the steps to tame Noglin. I hope it's going to be helpful to you. If you wish to know additional information, you are able to pay attention to our website