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ARK: Survival Evolved adds new Valguero map

Posted By Jonser Jonser     Jun 19    


The new Valgeuro map extended content is completely free. For those who may be considering buying the game, now is the best time, as the game is sold is 65% of the regular Steam price during this limited promotional period. Now players can enjoy the new map in the game, Buy ARK Dinos from to play the game can bring you more fun.

Now, when the developers claim that there is a huge network of underwater caves on this map, they may be serious. For example, there are not many places rich in resources, plus it seems to be concentrated in mere three areas. This means that should you play the overall game on a public server, it'll be a challenge to harvest correctly in a lot of competition. Players also declared the diversity of biomes appears to be far inferior to this of Ragnarok.

Currently, players remain to make lists and comparing them within the Steam forum and Reddit to determine which dinosaurs can be available. It seems that everything will need a place on Valguero, but this remains to get confirmed. Now, the map feels good and as good as Ragnarok is now.

If you are playing this game, then you can experience the fun and challenges that the new free Valgeuro map brings us. Players who ARK Dinos For Sale can get more experience. But in reality, we should pay attention to some patches to fix the wrong problem, and don't destroy the game mechanism.