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Ark Survival Evolved: How to get Mutagen

Posted By Jonser Jonser     Jun 22    


Not long ago, Ark: Survival Evolved released a new DLC Genesis Part 2, which introduced new resources called Mutagen and Mutagel, and these resources complement each other. If you need other ARK Dinos, you can buy them from is an introduction to how Mutagen and Mutagel were obtained and their functions.

What Is Mutagen And Mutagel?
Mutagen is identified as a rare renewable resource that could accumulate into hundreds. It looks as being a bright blue lamp with some dots upon it.
On the other hand, Mutagel looks like a small blue node on one hand of the rock wall. Because of their fluorescent color, these are easy to identify and are also abundant in certain areas on the map.

What can it be for?
If your ultimate goal is to evolve your taming, like Noglin, it's most suitable for wild-caught taming since it can enhance their health, stamina, weight, and melee damage by five levels each. You can use it on bred tame, nevertheless, it will only boost their level by one level. This is why I suggest you upgrade them before breeding wild tame, as their children will inherit their statistics.

The level of mutagen required will depend on the species, examine the tooltip in the inventory menu will show you how much you would like.

Mutagen may also be used to tame Voidwyrm, and that is one of the new creatures add in the second section of Genesis. You just input it in the creature's inventory while riding, plus it may take a couple of attempts to complete your primary goal.

In addition to creating, Mutagel has another use, as it allows you to tame Tek Stryder. Most players choose to Buy ARK Dinos if they can't tame creatures. It is required to invade the creature and commence a mini-game that determines the progress of their tame.

How can you get it?
Mutagen needs Mutagen to exist because you can make six Mutagens from 800 Mutagel while using the chemistry bench. This is the simplest way to get a mutagen, nonetheless, it can also be found in the spotlight, and you might need to use a tamed Maewing to help you obtain it there.

Mutagel is easy to find because it can be harvested in two places: Ambergis Asteroids and Innard's Biome

You can break the brown rock around the Ambergis Asteroids, but get it in the Innard biome may be a bit tricky. You must venture for the Heart of Rockwell, a place where you wouldn't like to build a base there, then wait for the acid to recede from the pool below it because more can be harvested here.