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Aion Classic to be released on June 23

Posted By kinahigv aionclassic     Jun 23    


Aion from NCSoft is joining the classic server nostalgia train and launching its own classic server later this month on June 23. The game had a classic server overseas for some time already but as of yesterday the Western Classic Server for Aion has officially been confirmed. This classic version of Aion is launching in 'the Americas' which presumably means both North America and South America. No word on a European launch, as the European version of Aion is licensed by Gameforge. The classic version will begin with the 1.0 version of Aion and introduce updates as the playerbase completes content.

Aion Classic will see the return of some of the games early, iconic dungeons, and only the original four character classes will be available to players (each with their two original subclasses). Keeping with the ethos of classic MMORPG experiences, the player progression in Aion Classic will be moderately paced, to increase opportunities for players to explore the world of the Asmodians and the Elyos.

Aion Classic will have a subscription-based model for players as well as a free to play option. By purchasing Siel's Aura with real money, players will be able to buy recurring subscriptions of 30, 90, or 365 days. There's also a 3-day pass available. The free option for players is available to everyone, but those players will gain experience slower than subscribers. Aion Classic will also have a Battle Pass, the Daeva Pass, which provides extra quests and rewards, and its own premium currency, Quna, which can be used to purchase cosmetic and consumable items, account services, and unlock the premium Daeva Pass tier.

Aion Classic also is a return to Aion's unique rifting PVP, where portals open up between the realms of Asmodae and Elysea, providing PVP-specific quests and its own PVP currency, which can be used to buy special rewards and also contributes to player ranking. Faction-based Fortress sieges also round out the PVP experience in Aion Classic, where players from competing factions fight over control of objectives. Winners will earn special rewards.

The western version starts with version 1.0, and then updates 1.5 and 1.7 will gradually come out. The rate at which patches arrive will depend on how quickly players progress through the content.

If you are ready to head back into Atreia, then Aion Classic will be free to play when it lands on PC.

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