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Ark Survival Evolved: Some Ways To Tame A Shadowmane

Posted By Jonser Jonser     Jun 23    


With the launch of the latest DLC Genesis Part 2 of Ark: Survival Evolved, several new creatures will follow, including Shadowmane. But many players have no idea how to tame it. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you tame Shadowmane inside Part 2 DLC. To speed up the taming speed, you can Sell ARK Dinos in the store.

How To Tame The Shadowmane
The Shadowmane is essentially a feline and contains a few special abilities which make it an exceptional hunter. They can travel alone or even in groups of three or higher, and yes it stalks its prey by going invisible. It will also teleport as soon as you if you try running from it, which explains why stealth can be so important when attempting this tame if you can't want to use cheat codes.

Here would be the steps to taming a Shadowmane:
Collect Fish In Fish Baskets
The 1st step is to gather lots of fish baskets with fish within them. The fish should be greater than 0.5x weight so that you can tame the Shadowmane, but a majority of have found that bigger fish quicken the process.

You can catch them by just placing a few fish baskets on the riverbed in areas that might be heavily populated with fish. The type of fish is irrelevant as long as the weight is up to par.

Find A Sleeping Shadowmane
The Shadowmane can just be tamed though it may be sleeping, first, you have to find where this creature resides. They can be that comes with the Rockwell side in the map, but you are most plentiful from the southern region.

This species also sleeps in the daytime, thus, making this the best time to aim this feat plus it makes them a less strenuous tame when compared to a Noglin. However, they solely stay asleep for 20 seconds to at least one minute so bear this in mind when making your approach.

Feed The Shadowmane A Fish Basket
Once you've located a sleeping Shadowmane, you'll want to crouch and slowly approach it from behind. It is best if you utilize Ghillie Armor because will lower your chance of detection and on your journey to it through the front will wake it. After you get close to it, a prompt will appear, allowing you to feed it a fish basket.

Follow The Shadowmane And Repeat
The Shadowmane goes invisible when you finally feed it a fish basket, and you will need to follow it to its next location. However, be sure to keep your distance until it is asleep once again so you don't become its next target.

Finally, you must keep repeating the method of feeding it fish baskets and chasing it until it is fully tamed, and also you won't need mutagen to accomplish this. To save time, most players always choose to buy cheap ARK Wyvern. Luckily, once you've started taming it a tracker can appear on your screen that will make it easier for you to follow it and discover your progress.


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