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They'll get information and details regarding OSRS Gold

Posted By Kingang Kingang     Jul 7    


Oviously opening up with OSRS gold fate and cosmicality will induce the opponent to remove his armour and subsequently an anti virus enthusiast to reduce his defence. Then diseasing and poisoning the competition to take his stats and also do any harm. Holding them palce with transfix and then let poison kill them. Drag fights out to remove there food and ammo. There would be a weakness, even if you get into combat you may take substantial damage from the fans that you have set onto them meaning a fast death. The way to obtain them contrasting soon.

I have thought about something in RS and believed my thought may make the game more colourfull. Present situation: if you combine items which are not supposed to be combined, you get standart"nothing interesting happens". My suggestion: alter it so that something interesting happen.

Cases: any liquid + some other iron item = coroded iron item. It becomes unusable or should be brought to the adequate shop to fix. If brand new items cannot be introduced - possible to turn unusable for some time or even ityem just disappears. Any beverage + any non-armor dressing = random colours, based on drink colour. Cannot be changed and dress is worth 10% shop price.

Any cooked meat or fish + any weapon half a Old school rs gold percentage (if new items can't be released, the food cure 50 percent less). Any cake, pizza any weapon = destroy food (potion disappears). Any alcohol + fire = greater fire, like explosion in the mines. Moral: be carefull when drinking!