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Since this is the official runescape update

Posted By sfas Nfkja     Jul 21    


Well this place is about all fixed up, except for the walls that guard the entry point to Myreque's base. I'll require five planks of wood and 25 steel nails to do that infernal cape osrs. The Innkeeper should be given the items that he requested. Innkeeper: I'm okay. However, here's the deal. 500gp is provided to you by the owner of the inn. Innkeeper, talk to the man in the bank.

Go to the bank for the next stage of the quest. It's (Player Name). Your work around here has brought the town to life. It's just boring old broken glass. So, I'm here for the reconstruction of this town. What can you do to make it better? Well, I need two pieces of Molten Glass to fix up this. To repair the booth around the glass I require 2 planks of wood and 25 nails.

Take your possessions to the banker. Excellent. The bank is now flourishing. Perhaps these walls could benefit from some improvement. To finish the walls, I'll need have 8 more planks and 50 nails. Bring his other items. This place is much better! I would like to have you design me an outdoor candle lantern.

Bring the banker's things. Now you are permitted to continue. (Player name) Take this. Banker gives you 400gp. The General Store needs some help. You must visit Aurel who is located in the General Store. Good morning. How can I help you? I was contacted by the Banker to repair your shop. Perfect. I'll send you 10 planks and 50 nails. Donate Aurel everything he needs. We appreciate your kindness OSRS Power Leveling Buy. There has been an unfortunate incident recently. How is that possible? I thought Vanstrom Klause was gone!