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Catalan separatists burn pictures of Spanish king

運営事務局 JIMOPLE 13 November 5, 2019
Catalan pro-independence protesters burn a picture of Spain's King Felipe VI in Catalonia on 4 November 2019 Image copyright EPA
Image caption Separatist protesters burned pictures of Spain's King Felipe VI

Thousands of Catalan separatist demonstrators have taken to the streets of Barcelona in protest at a visit by Spain's King Felipe VI.

Protesters lit a bonfire on a major road and burned pictures of the king. Some banged on kitchen pots and chanted "Catalonia has no king!".

The region has been hit by weeks of protests triggered by the jailing of separatist leaders last month.

The unrest comes days before Spain's second general election this year.

Sunday's poll aims to break the stalemate that emerged from the last one in April.

The three main separatist parties took part in Monday's protests, while the separatist-led Catalan administration urged supporters to maintain a civil attitude.

Regional leaders of parties that want to keep Spain united held a smaller counter-demonstration.

The king - along with his wife, Queen Letizia, and their two daughters - was taking part in an awards ceremony for young entrepreneurs, scientists and artists.

Heir to the throne, Princess Leonor, 14, gave a speech at the ceremony, stressing her attachment to Catalonia.

Image caption Princess Leonor with her father, King Felipe

"This land, Catalonia, will always hold a special place in my heart," she said in her address given in Spanish and Catalan.

The awards venue in Barcelona was heavily guarded by police who set up barricades and blocked one of the city's main thoroughfares.

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