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Live updates: George Floyd protests spread across America

運営事務局 JIMOPLE 27 June 1, 2020

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced that a curfew will go into effect from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday for as long as the police chief deems necessary.

All public streets and areas will be closed except to those who are going to and from work, he announced at a news conference Sunday. 

Duggan said he made the decision after the number of people arrested from outside the Detroit area went up last night. 

Duggan said they do not want to arrest people for violating the curfew and will give them "a great opportunity" to go home. 

Arrests: Detroit Police Chief James Craig said police arrested 84 people last night, which was double the arrests from the night before.

Craig said that the majority of arrests were from the metro Detroit area, but not from the city area. Two people were arrested from out of state, one from Ohio and another from Tennessee. 

At least 75% of the arrests last night were from out of the area – an increase from 65% the night before, Duggan said.

A small portion of the protesters are "intent on destruction," he said, and most arrests occurred after 12 a.m. Duggan also said that, according to police investigations, this group appears to be organized. These people have walkie-talkies and supply trucks, he said, and

The city hasn't seen the same amount of destruction and fires as other cities across the US, Duggan said.