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Black Lives Matter protests across the US and world

運営事務局 JIMOPLE 60 June 14, 2020

A small group of protesters tonight marched from the Lafayette Square area, near the White House, through downtown Washington D.C. and then onto a highway that runs from the city to Northern Virginia.

The demonstrators could be seen on video from CNN affiliate WJLA marching out of DC, using both the incoming and outgoing lanes of highway Interstate 395.

The group was peaceful and music blared as they marched. At one point, protesters and medics kneeled on the highway. 

Police cars were seen following the protesters from a distance, but demonstrators were allowed to continue on their way. 

A separate group of protesters did a similar thing on the same highway, slightly further north. 

There were a few protests in DC throughout Saturday, but they did not draw major crowds.