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Appropriate Break Fix Services for faster Repairs

Neomi Rao 94 June 18, 2020

Will COVID-19 Accelerate the Adoption of Connected Field Service?

Beyond the huge effect, the worldwide pandemic and related Work from Home commands are having on companies whose workplaces have been shut for quite a long time – and who have gone to virtual productivity platforms to keep operations moving – think about the effect on field service, and the experts who go out into the field to fix issues or simply provide precaution or regular maintenance.

Connected Field Service offers a solution for this difficulty, as it proactively analyzes problems before they become a big issue, wandering ceaselessly from a break-fix services model that could be conceivably dangerous in the current environment.

If issues are only found once they are broken, experts may need to scramble to perform necessary services for clients, compromising their health and safety. In any case, with Connected Field Service, a predictive service model allows specialists time to perform their services with proper health and safety measures in place.

At last, connected systems like Connected Field Service are not only quicker, and lead to more consumer loyalty, however, they also help increase revenue by deploying services in a more exactly and productively.

ExterNetworks Global Ecosystem of Technology Managed Services

Extending our managed, connected services and 'as a Service' offerings have been a key activity for ExtNoc as the marketplace has already started to understand the requirement for much more significant level services.

Our Global Services team is the foundation of this center, staying one step ahead with an inventive methodology and next-gen solutions for servicing tomorrow's technology.

The exciting new set-up of arrangements incorporates the following key offerings:

Break fix services: A break/fix model in which small and medium organizations (SMBs) would pay a fee for a service as and when required.

Embracing our global break fix services empowers companies to add to a dedication technology expert to their teams for easy break/fix and support.

SLA based services: Our SLA Service components provide support in Data Center and Colocation services to Cloud Computing backed by worldwide SLA and best in class network monitoring solutions.

If there is a situation like an enterprise cable fault, many parts important for a repair can be gotten from external contractors (for example fault-finding hardware, jointer team, cable vessel). The cable operator can also lessen the related risks by setting up Repair Preparedness Plans (RPPs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with significant providers that decrease exposure to the availability and cost of such resources. Without preparation, repairs can take a while yet this effect is still overshadowed by another expected risk – the absence of usable spare parts.

In this case, you can take the help of SLA based services.